Vibrating Table 3R


Vibrating Table made from 3R

Standards : EN 12390–2

Vibrating table equipped with a programmable vibrating time control system wich allows to reproduce the tests.

Total vibrating time perido can be set in order to free the user.



• Designed for vibrating cubic and cylindrical steel moulds

• Fully stainless steel plate with dimensions : 800 x 150 mm (other dimensions upon demand)

• Delivered with upper tightening bridles on threaded rods

• Moulds held on the table with two side guides

• Vibrator power supply : 220 V or 380 V

• Equipped with a programmable vibrating time control system

• Weight : 95 kg


REF : F09M0735000

Recommanded accessoiries :

Simple steel moulds 10 x 10 cm

Simple steel moulds 15 x 15 cm

Three-gang steel moulds

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