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Electrical Enclosure

GTM Enclosures Sampling provides a high quality Electrical and Instrument Enclosures that meet Customer specifications.

We provide a wide range of NEMA rated enclosures for your indoor or outdoor application. Our electrical solution is dependable and cost effective.

Electrical enclosures classified as follow;
-Main Switch Board
-Low Voltage Switch Board
-Motor Control Center
-Lighting Panel
-Junction box

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Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation, with our product and services, we help our customers in the Cement, Steel industries, Power Distribution and Rolling Stock to improve their service standard.

Our ability to produce a distinct product for our customers that enables us to provide very special solutions with a low total cost.

Our goal is to lead customer to create a distinct brand that will give his business credibility and drive long-term growth as fast as we can.

Our achievements in 2019 are the result of
working alongside our customers and using
advanced technologies to create smart solution

for our customer.