Automatic Control Unit Techtris model


  • Techtris Automatic control unit with programmable load uptake
  • Allows to drive up to 5 testing frames and to store up to 10 measuring scales
  • Stores 100 testing products with the following parameters : measuring scale, specimen definition, testing definition, stress calculus method and 5 parameters free to be defined by the user
  • Automatic calibration or audit program in 10 points. Former calibration on the Techtris control unit is stored and it can be recovered.
  • LCD display with 4 lines of 20 characters for visualising the configuration
  • Readout console with integrated printer and RS232 output
  • Multi-piston hydraulic station with a stainless steel tank of 40-liter capacity
  • Electric cabinet with all safety devices according to EC electrical standards
  • Weight : 180 kg

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