RP 5 T – RP 12 E or AF – RP 30 D – RP 50 B


AUTOMATIC C-Frame Flexural Testing Machine Load 5 kN – 12 kN – 30 kN – 50 kN

This ergonomic C-Frame combines a sturdy and high quality design. After welding, our C-Frames are then milled to the jack locking plates fixings and the test table in order to correct any misalignment due to welding

Furthermore, all our flexural testing frames are quipped with double actin jacks allowing the automatic return of the jack at the end of the test.

Standards : EN 15037-2, EN 1340, EN 1339, EN 490, EN 15435


Set uniformely on a very rigid table, our C-Frames affers, besides an expectionnal accessiblity to the testing sample, a very good working ergnonmy, even allowing to set the specimens without any risk of back pain !

Also, the working table has openwork legs allowing easy and safe


  • Weleded C-Frame
  • Long stroke double acting jack (see chart), working at 400 bar
  • Hydraulic stroke : 300 mm (or 350 mm)
  • Jack mounted on low friction seals and Teflon guiding
  • Automatic return of the jack at the end of the test
  • Specific blades and accessories for roof tiles, infillor blocks, kerbs, slabs, and so on


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