RP 3000 TC – RP 4000 TC


3-column testing machine with load capacity 3000 kN or 4000 kN

This geometrically perfectly (Isostatic) shaped frame ensures an ideal application of the load which is ideally centered on the specimen axis (Perfect line-up between the Jack and the ball seated joint axes) complying with the EN 12 390-4.

The absence of antagonistic efforts induced by an excentered load axis, as well as the extreme rigidity of the frame, ensures the excellent accuracy of this machine.

Furthermore its excellent rigidity (deformation < 0.75 mm at 3000 kN) and its Jack with extra long guidance, make this frame the ideal machine for High Performance Concrete (HPC) testing.


  • Class 0.5
  • High stiffness
  • Designed according to the European testing machines standards
  • Fully machine-tooled frame
  • 3 columns: isostatic frame for a perfect loading
  • Distance between columns wider than 4 columns frames. Easy access to the working chamber
  • Ball seat made of hardened steel and Teflon coated for evenly distributed loading
  • Hardened steel platens – Hardness > 58 HRC
  • Vertical clearance : 340 mm
  • Piston : Low friction seals and bronze guiding.
  • Hydraulic stroke limiter
  • Centring stops for fast and correct positioning of specimen
  • Stainless steel protection doors, electrically controlled
  • Stand designed for forklift operation


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